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Trapped: Prison Without Walls Ebun Akpoveta

Trapped: Prison Without Walls

Ebun Akpoveta

Published August 26th 2013
ISBN : 9781491801284
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 About the Book 

Is there life after an abusive relationship? Olas life was like a prison without walls as her struggle to hold on to love leads her down the path of rape, abuse and street fights. Her trust is violated by the one she loves as she denies herself and represses her feelings. Ola is driven to acts which leaves the life of her daughter hanging in the balance and drives her son to become a knife wielding child. She watches helplessly as her lover and protector becomes her tormentor and abuser. Disillusioned and ostracised the pressure mounts as the invisible voices keep her trapped in the cycle of shame as Ola tries to conform to traditions. Help comes disguised as trouble from the most unusual place but has her experience with Deji damaged her too much to love can she take the challenge to climb out and live again.