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How to Find Your Career Path Without Losing Your Mind Michal Fisher

How to Find Your Career Path Without Losing Your Mind

Michal Fisher

Published November 26th 2013
Kindle Edition
248 pages
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 About the Book 

**First place winner-- Kindle Book Promos Book Contest 2014 for Outstanding Achievement in Non-Fiction**Are you feeling stuck and unfulfilled in your professional life?I know exactly how you feel.Id always dreamt of a profession as a writer and working with people- however I nonetheless ended up working in administrative and marketing positions for many years. Although good jobs I felt stuck and confused.I turned to career counseling, but that only revealed what Id always known - that my strengths lay in more interpersonal and creative fields. Unfortunately this career guidance didnt help me at all- it only intensified my frustration and feeling of being stuck. I had no clue as to how to make a change and make my dreams come true.Today, as a group facilitator and career coach, I observe the very same phenomenon with many of my clients: they have an idea of what they want to do, but something restrains them from moving forward.That something is namely: fear, low self-esteem, anger and guilt.In other words: conscious and unconscious emotions drive our career choices.The truth is that knowledge and talent alone arent enough to succeed!Self-realization and success go hand-in-hand with a cleansing of negative feelings (such as resentment, anger, guilt and grief), high self-esteem and the determination to realize your career aspirations despite obstacles along the way.In this career guide I share insights and tools I have acquired in my own process of career-change - from my position as a marketing and administration employee to managing my own business in writing, group career counseling and career/personal coaching. I also provide case studies of my clients and others who traveled this very same path - the path of transformation from a sense of beingemotionally stuck to professional breakthrough.The book Finding Your Career Path without Losing Your Mind is divided into eight chapters: love, happiness, self-esteem, fear, disappointment, anger, grief, and guilt. It offers explanations, case studies, tools and tips on how to tackle difficult emotions and how to cultivate positive ones along the way to personal realization and career development.Whether you are looking for a new job, building a new business or need a better work-life balance, this book is for you.If you too want to escape from the emotional loop and give yourself a real chance to succeed, I invite you to give this book a try. It will help you dig up hidden treasures within yourself and emerge as you are meant to be: creative, vibrant, and determined. It will directly impact your career and your quality of life.