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True Prosperity Yehuda Berg

True Prosperity

Yehuda Berg

Published March 21st 2005
ISBN : 9781571893222
0 pages
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 About the Book 

Everyone wants to be financially successful, but great financial success often brings negative side effects in other areas. In this exciting new audio program, best-selling author Yehuda Berg shows why the true purpose of our lives is complete happiness and total fulfillment. Drawing on the lessons of his breakthrough book True Prosperity, Berg shows how the teachings of Kabbalah, the worlds oldest body of spiritual wisdom, can be used every day and every moment - not only to achieve success in one aspect of life, but to avoid the setbacks in other areas that can render any accomplishment empty and meaningless. Listeners will gain powerful, practical tools for achieving unlimited abundance in money and finance, health and fitness, family and relationships, and lifelong spiritual growth. Success without side effects is the ultimate destination of every human being, and True Prosperity is the roadmap for getting there.